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Amazing Video Highlights from an Unlikely Trick Shot Artist

Nick Syomin started playing pool just three years ago, and he began working on trick shots in his spare time less than a year ago. The Moscow native has amassed an impressive portfolio of shots in a relatively short time. “I was inspired by watching trick shots on the internet, but there’s a lot of differences between watching videos and doing it in real life, so I was very interested to try,” explains Syomin. “I think I know about 100 tricks plus different variations of them, such as one-handed shots, combined or experimental shots that sometimes just blow my mind. I started to practice on simple tricks, the tricks for…

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How to Plan a Pool Table Room

About the author: Karen Egly-Thompson is a writer for Houzz, which is a platform for home remodeling and design, bringing homeowners and home professionals together in a uniquely visual community. For many people the clack of colliding pool balls recalls happy times. That’s one reason pool tables are a classic addition to the game room, basement,…

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Table Tennis: Gentlemen’s Rules

You figured out all the essentials to style and spin, but Billiards believes in a well-rounded, respectable player; so we’re imparting a few tips to help keep your games well mannered and civil. Service There’s no clock, so don’t rush it. Your opponent should give you the OK before your service. That doesn’t mean take…

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Table Tennis: Discover Your Style

It’s normally a therapeutic game—but what happens when it starts getting competitive? Table tennis is an up-and-coming sport, especially in office settings where employees want to blow off steam. It’s normally a therapeutic game—but what happens when it starts getting competitive? This guide shows you a few styles of holding your paddle, or bat, so…

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Table Tennis: The Art of Spin

From the people who taught you how to put English on a cue ball, here’s our guide to spinning a table tennis ball and why it’s helpful. Now that you’ve successfully figured out your paddle grip style, it’s on to the big leagues with an integral part of table tennis—spinning the ball. From the people who…

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Home Game Room-Inspired Holiday Gifts

It’s hard to believe the holidays are already here. And with plenty of gift giving happening between now and the new year, we thought we’d share some ideas for your favorite game room champ. Billiards: The Official Rules & Records Book – Stop game time disputes before they begin with this handy reference guide from…

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Let’s Give Thanks for Billiards!

At Game On, Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday — no question. Great food, hanging out with family and friends, and a couple of extra days practice our billiards skills. And as we gear up for the long holiday weekend, we want to take a minute to share some of the many reasons we’re thankful for…

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The Other Thanksgiving Table

This Thanksgiving, consider bringing your family together around not one, but two different kinds of tables. After you’re done savoring the feast around your dinner table, keep the family time going at another kind of table — your favorite game table. While that couch might look really good after a big meal, you’ll thank us…

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