Without a doubt, billiards is meant to be fun – and nothing spoils the fun more quickly than the boorish billiards player.

Don’t be that player.

  • Show some cue courtesy. Some players only use one cue. Before you grab one off the rack, ask if the cue you want is already taken.
  • Consider your clothingThink about what you’ll be doing while you play billiards – lots of stretching, reaching, bending, and possibly some crouching – then dress accordingly.
  • Rack it right.  By that we mean, rack it tight.  Loosey-goosey racking techniques can create an unfair advantage from the start.
  • Stay off of the table.  It’s not a seat – it’s a playing space.  And speaking of playing, the rules of the game say that you need to keep one foot on the floor when you’re playing – no ifs, ands or buts.
  • Keep your distance.  When it’s another player’s turn, steer clear of the table or just have a seat.  You don’t want other players to interfere with your stroke and other players don’t want you to interfere with theirs.
  • Show the table some love. That means it’s not a place to eat, drink or go nuts with hand powder.  Billiards tables are sturdy, but they can only take so much.  Playing by these rules is also a way to….
  • Respect your opponent. It’s a classic case of “do onto others”.  Billiards is more fun when everyone’s getting along.
  • Move it along.  If you’re playing in a public space, you can’t take a 20-minute “intermission”.  Remember, you may have other groups waiting behind you.


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