The phrase “home game room” means different things to different families, but there are a few basics that apply no matter who you are.

  • Have a plan. What’s your vision for your room?  Just a billiards table and some seating? Do you want to add a game table or a bar – or both?  Is darts your game?  Once you know what you want to include, think about your theme and what you can achieve within your budget.
  • Size it up. Game rooms are tricky things.  Sure you have enough physical space for a billiards table – but do you have enough space for someone to play the table? Don’t make the same mistake Seinfeld’s Frank Costanza made with his game room.  Visit this handy resource to make sure both your table and your players have the room they need. You can also visit this home game room design tool to map out your space.
  • Light it right.  You’ve designed the perfect room – now just make sure that everyone can actually see it.  Start with the right fixture above your billiards table, generally an island or billiards light with multiple bulbs. Talk to a home game room specialist about the right fixture length for your table and how high to hang it. The rest of the lighting depends on the size of the room and the other accessories included. Recessed lighting, spots and lamps all can play their part.  Ask a home game room expert about what will work best for your room when you’re picking out your table and accessories.
Brixton billiards table
Brixton Billiards Table

If you’re looking for inspiration for your home game room, check out these resources:

And when you’re ready to start pick out your home game room products, click here to find a home game room expert near you.

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