When was the last time your family gathered around something that wasn’t wired or connected to the Internet?  A little too long?  Well, it’s time to unplug and unwind – and a game (or two) of billiards is a great way to do just that.

Brunswick Billiards is proud to present Game On!, a resource for families looking for a way to truly involve the entire group.  With more than 36 million players in the United States, the centuries-old game of billiards fits the bill.  It’s a sport that almost anyone can learn and play; it encourages friendly competition; and it’s even educational (but more about that later).

We hope that Brunswick’s Game On! site can be a resource as you discover – or rediscover – the game of billiards.  We’ll be updating the site on a regular basis and will include everything from instructional videos to tips on creating a great home game room to information on industry resources and fun facts about the game.  If there’s anything else you’d like to see, just drop us a note on our contact page.

So let’s get started.

Game On!

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