This question comes from Ayman in Egypt:

  • From your vast experience what do you think is the best way to break in 8 ball & how can I improve my break shot?

Ewa’s Answer:

Hi Ayman,

Thanks for your question. I wish I had an easy fix for you. The way to improve your break is by….practice. And more practice.

But of course there are a few things you can do to improve. First, make sure you stand up a bit on your break shot. If you tend to get down low on your regular shots, like I do, then standing a bit more erect should help your follow through.

Also, make sure you hit the cue ball in the center. You lose power if you hit with a lot of English on the break, and you may also lose control of the cue ball.

When breaking in 8-Ball, I suggest hitting the second ball first, or just skimming the head ball, then letting the second ball get the brunt of the hit. This way you’ll get more power transferred to the rack and more action on the balls. The bonus is, that it also makes the 8-ball move, increasing your chances of making the 8 on the break.

Place the cue ball near the side rail and hit a solid, center ball hit.

I wish you the best of luck with your game!