Billiards Table Buying Basics

 So – you want to buy a billiards table. A lot of different factors go into purchasing a table because it’s not just a game table, it’s also a piece of furniture that lasts a lifetime and beyond, often passed down through generations.

Just like all big commitments, you need to think long-term before you decide on the perfect table. Here are some points to consider as you started:

  • Style:  Do you want a fun addition to a game room or a piece of furniture that blends in with the rest of your home’s décor theme?  Some prefer the classic pool hall feel while others like modern, ornate, simple or traditional design themes.
  • Purpose. How are you planning to use the table? If you’re looking for a way to entertain the family and need a table that’s going to outlast teething dogs and rambunctious children, you’ll be looking at a different table than someone who wants to perfect their game or someone who wants a table for occasional, adult recreational play. Your local home game room expert can help you zero in on the right table for your lifestyle.
  • Space. You’re going to need a lot of it. Billiards tables are a big piece of furniture, meaning you’ll not only need enough space for the table, but also enough clearance to actually play it. Check out our helpful guide for how much space you’ll need for different table sizes or even design your own game room so you’re not pulling a Kramer.
  • Finish & Cloth. This is the fun stuff. Choose a wood finish that goes with the décor already established in the room – or choose a contrasting finish so the table really pops. Want to match the cloth to your favorite team’s colors, go right ahead! Green, red, black – the options are all there waiting for you, just customize away.

Already have a billiards table in your home? Tell us what it looks like and how you picked it out!

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