Ask Ewa: Getting Kids to Say Game On to Billiards

Me and a friend run a program called POOL (providing opportunity otherwise lost) where we give lessons to kids for a few hours once per month. What are some good drills to keep the kids interested and excited about developing their fundamentals?  These kids are all around 9-10 years old.

How cool is that!!!?? I love it!

I would suggest you look on for some different, fun games to introduce them to once they have gotten past the first stage. Until then, ask them to come up with some games. The first one to make 3 balls wins a ____. Or let them team up, shooting every other shot. Something like this, where it is fun and you have a chance to keep their interest.

Serious or semi-serious drills at this age are difficult to sell. They just want to have fun…So perhaps letting them make up games can keep their interest.

I love that you are introducing these kids to this great game. Keep up the great job!


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