Why Should Kids Learn Billiards? Let us Count the Ways

Obviously we think everyone should take up billiards and fall in love with the game. But rather than saying why we believe it’s a great game for kids, we thought we’d let Brunswick Billiards Facebook and Twitter fans do the talking for us. According to Brunswick’s fans and friends, here are the top 10 reasons to get a pool cue into your little one’s hands:

  1. Math and geometry skill development
  2. No age limit; they don’t have to retire from the sport at 40
  3. They’re the future of the sport
  4. Teaches etiquette and courtesy principals, especially patience
  5. Because it’s unplugged fun
  6. An injury free game
  7. So they can hustle their friends (college is expensive these days)
  8. It teaches critical thinking and strategy
  9. Develops hand and eye coordination

And our favorite, number 10: Because it’s just plain fun

So, why did you teach your children billiards?  Anything else to add to our list?

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