Beyond Billiards: Poker Night

Get those decks shuffled because we’re bringing Poker Night to your house. We’ve got your “must-have” list for hosting Poker Night – you just need to bring the players.

Mandatory Supplies

Now these should go without saying but just in case…

  • Two decks of cards. If one gets damaged, the game can keep on going.
  • Chips. You can play with cash or coins, but the traditional poker chips lend a great sense of authenticity to your poker night. Plus it makes it easier to wager if you’re not betting real money.
  • Table & Chairs. You’re going to need someplace to play. Circular tables are best to eliminate the casual glance at your neighbors’ cards.
  • Music. The dead silence can often make the game feel like life or death when it should be a fun night with friends. So turn on the Pandora or iTunes!
  • Clear understanding of the rules. Unless you want to argue over which rules you’re playing by, best have them laid out in the beginning of the night. Stay tuned for our instruction posts for the various games.


You’re going to want good snacking food but not snacks that can get your cards dirty. A few of our favorites:

  • Ridged potato chips and dip, we like this caramelized onion dip from Real Simple.
  • Easy, pop-able “entrees” like Pigs-in-a-Blanket or Rattlesnake Eggs. You’re going to need some meatball equivalent that won’t drip on the table.
  • Warm pretzels with cheddar beer dip. This one from Cabot Cheese even has bacon!
  • Homemade Chex Mix, it’s the perfect snack to munch on while trying to perfect your poker face.
  • If you’ve got health nuts in your group, the standard veggie platter is always a good go-to.
  • Don’t forget dessert. Chocolate chip cookies are always a hit, but we also like a big tray of brownies or bars like these Five-Layer Bars.


Poker night evokes images of everything from classy casinos to a casual boys’ night out. A few of our favorite drink picks for your night:

  • Classy—Classic Gin Martini. If you’re wearing a tux and want to say “Shaken, not stirred”, this is the perfect choice.
  • Casual – A hip, local craft beer. Find a local brewery near you here.
  • The Under 21 Crowd – The Shirley Temple and Roy Rogers. There are so many delicious “mock-tails” today but we like the classics. Plus, the colors go better with the poker night theme!


No need to get super fancy, this is a game night after all. However, to channel the allure and prestige of a true poker experience, you’re going to want to have a few things:

  • Sunglasses and visors, because that’s what the people making serious cash on TV wear. It’s a place to start!
  • Red and black should be your go-to colors for cups, silverware, plates, etc.
  • A creative use of playing cards—this is a great way to put those partial decks to good use, string ‘em up for a fun garland or centerpiece.

What would you add to make the ultimate Poker Night?

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