Your stance is one of the most important factors in playing billiards like a pro. Constructing your perfect stance can be difficult; so we’re giving you step-by-step instructions!

  1. Find the cue that fits your size.
    • If you have large hands, choose a cue with a larger wrap; if you have smaller hands, choose a cue with a small wrap. The most important thing is to find a cue and wrap that feels good in your hands.
  2. Check your hand position
    • Hold the thick end of the cue in your dominant hand with your palm facing upward. Find the spot on the wrap where the cue balances evenly. Hold your cue about one inch behind that spot.
    • With your non-dominant hand, make a circle with the thumb and index finger. Put the cue through the circle and rest it on top of your middle finger. Spread your middle and pinky fingers to create a tripod-like stand. Place the ridge of your hand on the table and allow the thumb-side of your hand to raise a bit higher
  3. Place your foot that is on the same side as your non-dominant hand in front, and position your other foot staggered approximately two feet behind.
  4. Turn your body slightly away from the table.
  5. Lean slightly closer to the table for more shot control.
  6. Hold the cue parallel to the table for maximum control.
  7. Accelerate gradually as you approach the ball.
  8. Keep your follow through straight and relaxed
    • The cue should continue on its course and look as if it could hit the table.
  9. Stay down after the shot.
    • This will allow you to analyze the angle of the ball for your next shot.

For more tips to help improve your stance, watch Ewa’s video below:

Now go out and start shooting!

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