Come On In, The Game Room’s Cool…

As summer starts to heat up, you have the perfect opportunity to host a billiards tournament in the cool confines of your own home. So let’s look at everything you need to host a successful event.

Getting started:

  • Pick a name for your tournament – just like the pros
  • Decide if you want players to compete on teams or solo and what they’ll be playing
    • There are many different billiards games (8ball, 9ball, etc) – some games are better for solos, others for groups. Pick your perfect game here.
  • Choose if you would like to award a prize to the winner. Remember, prizes don’t have to be material items. What’s better than claiming the title “Grand Poobah of the First Street Billiards Takedown”? Not much.

Starting the tournament:

  • At the beginning of the tournament, assign one person to serve as an impartial referee for each game
  • Keep on playing until the best player or team wins!

Setting the stage:

Invitations and decorations are always optional, but why not go big? Help set the perfect atmosphere for your game night and guarantee its success. To help you get started, here are some of our favorite decoration ideas.

Feeding the Crew:

The most important thing is to give your guest options. Bite-size, non-greasy finger foods are always a great option to allow your guests to eat and play easily. Try a few of these fan favorites:

Hosting your own tourney soon? Let us know how it goes!

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