Since we can’t all be world class soccer players like those playing in the World Cup this summer, we think it is the perfect time to brush up on a type of soccer we can all play – foosball! Read our tips and tricks to improve your game, and maybe you’ll become inspired to organize your own foosball “World Cup”.

Serving Tips

  • Spin the ball on the drop (serving block) directly to the men on your 5-bar midfielder top
    • Simply sticking the ball through the serving hole is equivalent to throwing away a free possession
  • For step-by-step instructions of how to serve the ball to your advantage, check out this article

Shooting Tips

  • Keep a loose grip on the handle for maximum movement and speed
    • You are holding the handle correctly if you can see a gap between you hand and the handle
  • Turn your wrist quickly
  • The rod should only turn 180 degrees when shooting
  • For more experienced players, try taking an open-handed shot where you roll the handle on your wrist- it will increase the speed of your shot

Defensive Tips

  • Move your two defensive rods together as one solid unit
    • Make sure a player is not overlapping another, and try to avoid crossing back and forth
  • Space your men slightly apart so that a foosball cannot slip between your men
    • A small gap (60-70 percent of the ball width) between men can make a huge difference if used correctly
  • For one-on-one games, use your thumb and pinky finger on your left hand to play both defensive rods at the same time
  • You don’t need to cover the entire goal
  • Stagger players to cover different areas, or holes, of the goal
  • Always be playing defense
    • Follow the ball no matter where it goes on the table- this will make it easier to block shots

Got it? Ready, set, GOOOAAAALLLLL!