Are You a Billiards Trivia Master?: Answers

Now that you have had some time to think about the answers to last week’s trivia questions, check out how many you answered correctly!

Let’s refresh:

  1. Who is known as “The Striking Viking”?
  2. What era was the first game of billiards played?
  3. What is the average weight of the cue stick?
  4. What do you call the tip of the stick used in playing billiards?
  5. True or False: To rack a game of Nine Ball, all the balls must be in numerical order, from left to right?
  6. True or False: A masse shot is played with your cue at an angle greater than 45 degrees?


  1. Ewa Laurance
  2. 15th century
  3. Between 17-21 ounces, with 19 ounces being most common
  4. Cue tip
  5. False: Only the one has to be in the front of the rack, and the nine ball in the middle.
  6. True: The cue must be higher than 45 degrees, then come down on the ball, and strike through it, without touching the cloth

What are some of your trickiest billiards trivia questions? Let us know!

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