It’s All About the Accessories

Sure the billiards tables, foosball tables and other game tables are key items for any game room, but what really brings the ultimate game room together is the accessories and accents that make it your own. There’s no need for a fancy interior designer — just follow these simple tips for outfitting your game room and you’ll be charging a cover for friends to enjoy your epic space.

  1. Go with a theme: What about a room that pays homage to your favorite sports teams, a game or movie? Having a thread connecting all your pieces put a finished quality on any room without spending a fortune.
  2. Maximize Space: There are a lot of great accent pieces that double as storage, which is clutch for a game room. For example, store Yahtzee! and Monopoly in ottomans to get more out of your space or add some cool, functional floating shelves.
  3. Cover Up: Nothing says bland faster than empty walls. Adding pictures, posters, even neon signs adds personality to your game room and makes it feel like a place you want to spend time in. Just make sure your posters are framed, otherwise your cool space could look like a fraternity basement. If you have a small room, try adding a mirror or two to make a room look larger.
  4. Color Me Pretty: Add pops of color to warm up a game room and make it inviting for your guests. If you’re not into painting, you can easily incorporate colors into your room with area rugs, pillows and throws. Some design-savvy folks even love brightly colored coffee tables and sofas.
  5. Light the Lights: No one wants to spend time in a dark, dingy basement so lighten up your game room with window treatments that let the sun in. Natural light not an option? Floor lamps offer a way to bounce light off of the walls and ceiling, giving a nice, soft light to your room. Correct lighting can also improve your billiards game.

What game room accessorizing tips would you add?

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