Breaking into the New Year

2015 is just around the corner…are you ready to celebrate with friends and family in style? We’ve got the perfect recipe for your ultimate New Year’s Eve celebration in the game room.

Game Line Up

The beginnings of parties are always a little awkward as people stroll in on their own timeline. So start with something simple that allows for conversation and introductions to continue, like billiards or shuffleboard. Then as the group gets into a rhythm and flow, bust out the active games that multiple guests can play like table tennis or foosball.


Food & Drink

It should be pretty obvious, but champagne and sparkling grape juice (for the kids) are a given, it is New Year’s after all! No need to do the fancy big meal; people are still full from the holiday turkeys and hams. Keep the portions small, party-goers like to mingle and don’t want to be held down by a big plate. Try a themed tapas menu of Spanish or Mediterranean appetizers and desserts. For a fun twist, have Hershey’s kisses on hand for a special midnight “kiss”.

Food & Drink


Keep it festive and simple. A simple black and silver or gold color pallet is easy to pull off and easy to find near the end of the year. Simple streamers and party hats make for easy table decorations and twinkle lights are always a welcome accent. And of course, don’t forget the sparklers and party poppers!



No party is complete without music, so bust out the stereo and play some classics like Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday and Harry Connick Jr. mixed with current hits a la Justin Timberlake, T.Swift and Lorde. Another idea we love this year is to have a big poster or sheet of paper that guests can sign their New Year’s resolutions on, which would make a terrific midnight photo backdrop.


A friendly reminder: don’t forget to turn the TV on for the countdown; everyone loves to watch that ball drop!


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