Beyond Billiards: Winning Shuffleboard Secrets

Shuffleboard (aka American Shuffleboard, Indoor Shuffleboard, Slingers or Shufflepuck) can provide hours of entertainment in the game room. But how does one excel at the game? Here are 5 tips to help you on your quest to becoming the Next Shuffleboard Champion.

  1. The best offense is a good defense: Aim to knock your opponent’s pucks off the table and take away their points
  2. Protect your high scoring puck with blocking puck—remember not to get the two pucks too close together
  3. Hold the puck longer to improve accuracy, don’t just let it fly
  4. Use both hands; you’ll be able to aim at more of the table than if you rely solely on
  5. Don’t let your first shot rest in the middle; a strategic first shot lands on either side of the table

What tips would you add?

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