Beyond Billiards: Improve Your Table Tennis Game with These Simple Tips

Looking to become the Serena or Nadal of table tennis? You’re going to need a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, that and a lot of practice. Here are 5 tips to help improve your table tennis game:

  1. Switch up your service. A pitcher doesn’t throw high fast balls for nine innings, curve balls and knuckle balls are tossed in to confuse the batter. By changing the intensity, location and pace of your serves you’ll keep your opponent on his/her toes.
  2. Eye on the ball When your opponent is serving, be sure to watch the paddle for cues on where the ball will travel in advance. Only looking at the ball during service can actually disorient you.
  3. Keep your returns low. When the ball comes across the net high, you give your opponent more angles for their return.
  4. Understand spin. The direction of your opponent’s racket when they hit the ball is an indicator of how the ball will come off of your racket, it will go in the same direction as the direction your opponent’s racket goes.
  5. Keep a level head. Whether it’s tennis, golf, billiards or even football, cooler heads will always prevail. Don’t let a missed shot impact the next volley or serve.

Any other tips you’d recommend for securing a name in the table tennis hall of fame?

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