Beyond Billiards: Up Your Air Hockey Game

The Stanley Cup playoffs are underway, if your family is looking to get into the hockey spirit with some Air Hockey, we’ve got some tips that will help you bring home your own Stanley Cup.

  1. Hold the mallet properly. Don’t just hold the knob like a rookie. Put your forefinger and ring finger inside the mallet, your middle finger against the knob and your pinky and thumb on the outside for the best, most controlled grip.
  2. Master the unblock-able shot. Tap the puck from the lower right corner toward the center, right before you hit the puck, rotate your wrist counterclockwise 90 degrees and graze the edge of the puck – your opponent will struggle to defend.
  3. As with most sports, don’t try to kill it. The harder you hit the puck, the less control you have and the puck travels more wildly. Use finesse and stay in control of your game.
  4. Learn your opponent’s weaknesses and patterns. They don’t defend when you shoot from the left side? Keep shooting from that angle. It’s the same reason NHL teams will watch tapes—know the “enemy”.
  5. Just like billiards, gain control of the puck before shooting. Take your time, figure out where you want to shoot—aim and fire.

What are your winning tips?

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