Why Slate Matters

Serious billiards players know that a slate pool table can help their game, but do you know why slate is so important? We break down the top five reasons that slate matters to your game.

  • The ball turns over more smoothly on a slate table
  • It’s more damage-resistant. Slate is durable, perfect for when your billiards table has kids or beginners learning their shots on it.
  • Slate pieces joined smoothly together create an even playing surface for more accurate play
  • Its longevity, slate will last so your table can be passed down from generation to generation without losing quality of play.
  • BCA rules mandate a slate bed, so if your table is made with slate, you’re poised to have an advantage at any tournaments you may play in.

For more details on slate and the composition of a billiards table, check out these links:

Game On!

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