Back to Basics – Little Things That Make a Big Difference in Your Game

Fundamentals are an important part of every game, and billiards is no exception. We have identified five tips to help improve your game and give you a chance to achieve your maximum potential.

  1. Take between three and five practice strokes before every shot. Taking more or less will alter your rhythm and cause you to take shots you wish you hadn’t.
  1. When taking aim, avoid strangling the cue or gripping it with your fingertips. The cue should rest on your fingers, allowing it to move in one fluid motion.
  1. Make sure to have ample chalk on hand and use it before every shot. When applying, the chalk should move, not the cue.
  1. Having spectacular balance is so crucial when attempting to reach your peak. How you set up before a shot and the stance you take while shooting are just as important as any other part of the game. Having a stance solid enough to take a shove on your shooting side is the general rule regarding the proper shooting stance.
  1. When assuming your shooting stance, line up the shot not with your hand or cue, but with your chin. This streamlined body position will automatically fall right into place creating a more stable and accurate shot.PHOTO CREDIT:

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