It’s game night! From the guest list to the games to the snacks, we have you covered. Follow these simple tips and tricks for the ultimate game night this weekend.Debbie Downer

  • Bring the party. Invite friends and family members that are competitive but not overly so. You want this to be a fun night free of Debbie-downers and sore-losers. Leave the attitudes at the door and turn that frown upside down—it’s game night after all!
  • Keep them guessing. Pick a variety of games to keep everyone’s attention. You don’t need a lot of game tables either, vary up your games with small contests or make up some new rules or guidelines to a favorite game. Need inspiration? We’ve got more ideas here.curious-george-clipart-black-and-white-cake-slice-clipart-8
  • Let them eat cake. You don’t want any hangry guests (see first point), so it’s important to give your guests options so they can fuel themselves for a long night of game room fun. Snack on something healthy like veggies and dip or something a little more gourmet.

A fun game night is fairly a simple recipe. Good people + good food + games = a great time. What makes your game nights special?