Strategy, Strategy, Strategy

It’s a totally rookie move to go into a game without a strategy, coaches spend days reviewing film and running drills, a billiards game should be no different. Here are five key strategies to have in your back (corner) pocket for your next game.

  1. Study your geometry: From simple shots to bank shots, the key to successful billiards play is geometry. You can use your cue as a protractor to give yourself an exact spot to aim on the rail, learn how here.
  2. Know your cue: Selecting any old cue can doom your game before it begins. Pick a cue that’s right for you using our hand guide.
  3. Calm your mind: So much goes into making a shot – having a calm mind steadies your hand, increases your focus and can lead to a better game.
  4. Schedule your practice: Find a schedule that works for you and keep consistent before big tournaments or high-stress games (like your annual game against your sibling). Ewa likes to work on shots, position, safeties and breaks a few weeks before the event. The week before, she’ll play less hours but increase the intensity. Find what works for you, but remember, the day of an event is not the time to work on things.
  5. Review your rules: Yes, the basic rules are the same across 8-ball, 9-ball, etc. But often house rules, well, rule. Make sure you’re aware of what new rules or variations of the rules exist before you get caught with penalties that hurt your game.

What’s your best strategy heading into a high intensity billiards game?

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