Tips for Junior Players

Teaching kids the game of billiards while they’re young is a great way to get them interested in the game they’ll never grow too old to play. Ewa recommends to start teaching kids as young as five (old enough to hold attention). We’ve rounded up some tips that’ll prevent kids from falling into bad habits and help them grow their game:

  • If players are short, grab a footstool to ensure a proper stance and that they can see the full table.
  • Play the Ghost. This game and “drill” is simple for beginning players. It’s a great practice routine but is also a fun game for solo players or only children.
  • Watch videos. Watching what other players do can be a great learning tool, especially for visual learners.
  • Have them create their own games. Rather than drills which can lose the attention of junior players, games they put time into keeps them engaged and gets them valuable time at the table.
  • Trick shots rely on accurate aim and technique and they’re fun to do. By perfecting trick shots, your child’s game will undoubtable improve as well.
  • For older kids, repetitive drills can be incredibly helpful. To help develop a consistent stroke, put chalk on either side of the cue. The goal is to repeat the stroke without moving either chalk.

What other tips would you add for junior players?

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