Designing the Ultimate Game Room – Tips from the Experts

Fall brings families back into the game room so right now is the perfect time to refresh yours. To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve collected some tips from expert designers. Here’s their advice to create a welcoming space:

  • Decide on a theme before you purchase your furnishings.
    • Want an intelligent, library-esque game room? Think dark, warm wood colors, built-ins and nooks and crannies to fill with books, globes, etc.
    • Rustic industrial is very in right now. Look for reclaimed fixtures and pieces like game tables, bar carts, light fixtures and wall art.
    • Lighten up. Game rooms often get relegated to the basement which can be dark. Lighten it up with a bright or warm, pale wall color, accent lighting, and the right shade of flooring or area rugs. Another favorite trick for basements — install crown molding to make the space look bigger.
  • Game rooms should invite players to jump right in, so when designing a layout, keep the space open with easy accessibility to move around.
  • Don’t forget the libations. If you have the room, consider adding a bar to make the ultimate game room with entertainment and drinks.
  • Make sure there’s enough seating for those waiting in the wings for next game and for card and board games.
  • Have a place to store everything from billiards chalk, cards, board games and more. Nothing ruins a well-designed room like a pile of stuff hanging out in the corner.

Want more tips and inspiration? Check out these awesome links:

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