Improve Your Aim and Your Game

In most sports and games, aiming is critical to success in your game. Often times, players think they are not aiming correctly, but it’s actually a problem with delivery of the stroke, you can find Ewa’s advice to correct that here.

If your aim (sorry) is specifically to improve your aim, there are a few things to consider:

  • Use the “ghost ball” method. Imagine the cue ball’s position at the impact of the target ball along the center lines. This is where you should be aiming your shot.
  • Locate the target on the object ball, which is the direct opposite spot of the pocket you’re aiming at. It’s often called the back of the ball relative to the target pocket. From behind the cue ball, aim at that target on the object ball and shoot.
  • Know geometry. High school students everywhere groan, but there is nothing more valuable than understanding the geometry of billiards. The most important thing a billiards player could do to sink his/her shots is create a protractor, giving the player an exact spot to aim on the rail. Find out how to create one here.
  • It’s something we say all the time but the only way to improve anything – aim, speed, spin, etc. is to do it repeatedly. Learn what works for you and stick with it.

What tips do you have to perfect a billiards player’s aim?

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