English Lessons

A common phrase you hear around the billiards table is “english” but it’s not referring to a language or nationality. English, in billiards is sidespin and is considered an advanced technique. We’ve highlighted a few things to know about english before adding it to your game:

  • You can hit the cue ball on the left side — left english or you can hit the cue ball on the right side –right english.
    • Left english on the cue ball should send the ball it hits to the right and vice versa.
  • You can also apply the stop (center ball hit), draw (below center hit) or follow (above center hit) with english.
  • Be careful of deflection. When a ball deflects from the cue tip, it goes in the direction opposite of english chosen.
  • Make sure your cue tip is in good condition after an errant billiard stroke. Look for black spots on your tip after a bad roll. It shows where chalk was incorrectly applied or where the cue ball was miscued.
  • As you’re learning english, use it sparsely to not negatively impact your game. Use english on easy, cinch shots

What are your “must know” facts and tips for billiards players learning english?

For more information on english check out these helpful sites http://billiards.about.com/od/specialtyshot1/ss/PoolEnglish.htm#showall




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