The Other Thanksgiving Table

This Thanksgiving, consider bringing your family together around not one, but two different kinds of tables. After you’re done savoring the feast around your dinner table, keep the family time going at another kind of table — your favorite game table. While that couch might look really good after a big meal, you’ll thank us later for suggesting a little group activity. Trust us.

Here are some of our favorite tables for post-Thanksgiving dinner competitions:

  • Table tennis – A classic that can be played indoors or out, table tennis can accommodate up to four players and the energy expended during a game can be the equivalent of taking a brisk walk.
  • Foosball tables – This high energy game is perfect for the intermission between dinner and dessert. Appealing to everyone from the casual player to the competitive pro, this game blends teamwork with fun.
  • Billiards tables – It’s an easy transition from the dinner table to the billiards table. Billiards is a low impact sport that just about anyone, of any age can play billiards and it encourages socializing. It also gets people moving and stretching and it stimulates the mind.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving game table?

One thought on “The Other Thanksgiving Table

  1. Hmm how fun! My family doesn’t really play anything like this on Thanksigivng. If we do play a game, it’s usually a board game or one of those DVD ones you watch and interact with through the TV. Hahaha. Feel free to visit my blog at 🙂

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