Let’s Give Thanks for Billiards!

At Game On, Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday — no question. Great food, hanging out with family and friends, and a couple of extra days practice our billiards skills. And as we gear up for the long holiday weekend, we want to take a minute to share some of the many reasons we’re thankful for billiards:

  • It’s more than 500 years old and still going strong.
  • The traditional billiards soundtrack is stellar. Werewolves of London anyone?
  • It’s an amazing way to fight a turkey coma.
  • The perfect break = a new level of happiness.
  • You can convince just about anyone to play a game with you because everyone can handle a cue – some of us better than others, admittedly.
  • Billiards tables aren’t just game tables — they’re truly a piece of art.
  • We have great pros like the incomparable Ewa Laurance.
  • Someone special taught us how to hold our first cue.

We could go on and on but there’s a turkey to roast. So, what would you add to our list?

A most happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!



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