Amazing Video Highlights from an Unlikely Trick Shot Artist

Nick Syomin started playing pool just three years ago, and he began working on trick shots in his spare time less than a year ago. The Moscow native has amassed an impressive portfolio of shots in a relatively short time.

“I was inspired by watching trick shots on the internet, but there’s a lot of differences between watching videos and doing it in real life, so I was very interested to try,” explains Syomin. “I think I know about 100 tricks plus different variations of them, such as one-handed shots, combined or experimental shots that sometimes just blow my mind. I started to practice on simple tricks, the tricks for beginners when you only need to correctly place the balls at their positions, make a shot, and impress an audience. But, I’ve never been afraid of hard trick shots, so that’s what always makes me better. Don’t forget to love what you doing, and practice of course.”

Syomin has learned a lot in less than year and he has some tips for others who want to start learning the art of the trick shot.

  • First, learn some classic shots like the Mosconi shot, or the butterfly shot. These shots bring a knowledge about spin and the behavior of balls.
  • Next, work on masse shots (where you hold the cue nearly vertically and make a ball curve), jumps and banking shots. These tricks are more difficult and are not so hard to learn if you have a passion for it. Keep in mind that you have to practice to get better. I could practice trick shots all day long.

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