Kelly Pool


Players: 2-15

Pill pool is a rotation game whereby the cue ball must first hit the lowest numbered ball on the table. The object of the pool game is to pocket the ball with the same number as the pill that was given at the start of the game and to “kill” the opponent’s object balls by sinking their numbered object balls.

When a player’s object ball has been pocketed by the opponent, (i.e. kills the ball) the former must discard the killed pill and resign from the game. To win in Pill pool, a player must either pocket his ball legally or kill the ball of his last competitor.

A variation is to have each player pick two or more “pills.”

3 thoughts on “Kelly Pool

  1. This is a great game whether you’re playing one-on-one or with a dozen other people. For as long as I can remember, this bottle has been a mainstay of my family’s billiard collection!

  2. The only problem with this game is there is no real rules or penalties. There is no Ball in hand for a Intentional miss. Or even a double piss. Rules have to be established somewhere

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