Ask Ewa: Refreshing Your Skills


I’ve been playing pool for about 50 years and I need a video or book to refresh skills. Thank you. –Ted


Hi Ted,
It’s always a great idea to go back to the basics and refine and refresh your fundamentals. There are several good books out there, both online and in the book stores. I am very proud of mine, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Pool & Billiards.” Please don’t take offense to the title LOL. I wrote it with the editor or Pool & Billiard Magazine, Tom Shaw, and it covers a lot, from fundamentals to advanced.

I also have a lot of videos on this site and if you surf the web, you’ll be able to find bunches. Youtube is a great resource!

Good Luck!

Ewa LauranceEwa Mataya Laurance is one of the most visible superstars in the history of pocket billiards. Known as The Striking Viking, she took the billiard world by storm since she moved to the US from her native Sweden.

Following her childhood dream of becoming the best in the world, she continues to be a dominant presence on the international billiard scene.  Ewa is the current International and World Cup Trick Shot Champion, the holder of multiple World and US Open 9-ball titles, and has also won the Swedish, European and US National Championships in her incredible career. A former # 1 ranked player in the world, Ewa has received Player of the Year honors, been named WPBA Sportsperson of the Year, and in 2004, was inducted into the prestigious Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame.

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