Back to School: Revisit Geometry

The kids are heading back to school, making this the perfect time to brush up on geometry with billiards. Aside from being a fun game, billiards gives you the opportunity to learn. Every shot in a game of pool is based on forming the perfect angle. The most important thing a billiards player could do to sink his/her shots is create a protractor, giving the player an exact spot to aim on the rail

How to create a “protractor” using your cue

  • Decide which rail the cue ball will kick off to hit the object ball
  • Go to the side of the pool table that you will aim at and hold the cue stick with the tip pointed at the center of the object ball
  • Remember that the angle at which the object ball hits the rail will be the angle the ball reflects off the table (known as the rule of reflection)
  • Using the rule of reflection, imagine where the ball will land
  • Return to the side you will stand on to hit the ball
  • Before shooting, make sure you are in a proper stance
  • Shoot away!

Using angles to determine your shots is a sure way to improve your billiards skills. As the kids get back into the swing of school, make sure they brush up on math skills using billiards!

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For more information, check out this informational video:


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