Take Your Game Room Outside

Memorial Day is almost here! We can barely contain our excitement. With the weather heating up, the sun coming out and yards looking gorgeous with plants and flowers blooming, staying inside doesn’t always sound like the most appealing option.

Not to fear, there are lots of ways to take your family game nights into your backyard. Sure, a billiards table is hard to move outside but Table Tennis units are often incredibly portable, some are even made to be play indoors and outdoors.

Smash IOFoosball tables also tend to be light and don’t require electricity to operate, making another great option for outside family fun. For the summer, try moving your table to the deck or patio.

Cards are also a great way to get outside with the family while still enjoying the game night vibe. Cards can go past the fence of your backyard too, they’re easy to take on road trips, on a boat, and pretty much anywhere you’re looking to host a game. (Need a poker refresher course? We can help there too). cardsIf cards aren’t your family’s game, try other board games (the less pieces the better: wind control) in the fresh air.

How does your family take the game room outside during the summer? We’d love to hear!

Game On!

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